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Saguaro Sweepers

Todd Fields

Christine Queen

Jenn Day

Heather Majernik

Bonnie Mercier

Krista Strider

Colleen Behrend

Renee Warnecke

Cathy West

Joan Docherty

Karen Lorenzetti

Vicky Danielson

Theresa Fichtner

Michelle Kenneson-St. John

Chad Henry

Mark and Kathi Saucier

Treasure Hunters of South Florida

In Memory of Gwen Germaine

Mary and Brian Stuck

Tampa Bay Sweepaneers Florida

Nancy Klein

Donna Vuncannon

Deb Walls

Nancy Pipp

Shawna Yonts

Deborah Dambra

Fran Perry

Carolyn Wilman

Janet Luttschwager

Faye Batwin

Laurie Ferguson

Rosalind Gutierrez

Marion Hilton

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